We can help Rank Higher your website

Time to Rate (TTR)

5 steps

  • Fix
  • Boost
  • Optimize
  • Rank
  • Make friends

Fix Major problems:

  1. Correct Title and title tag

List of issues negatively affecting you google ranking

  • High level : Missing pages; page no find
  • No Meta description on all pages
  • Short page name
  • Duplicate pages

Boost: reduce the site speed

Optimize your site

Titles and tags

  • Social image shared
  • Title and meta description - Post types – meta robot
  • XML Sitemap (checked)

Rank your individual pages

  • Meta robot
  • WordPress seo

Focus key word

  • Article heading
  • Page title
  • Page Url
  • Content
  • Meta description
  • Personnalise social media Share

WordPress SEO Checklist

  • Review your site design and readability. Frontend
  • Would a real human be okay with it? Text structure
  • Start fixing major site crawl issues (Dashboard)
  • Increase your site speed (Test tools)
  • “SEO-size” (Test tools)
  • Least monthly (Test tools)